I am not Admin of newLMTC

There is no surprise! We always deliver our promises. We promised our old members last time to be back with completely new website and here we are. New team, new plans,... and you're going to have a new exciting experience in online investment history.
We already have proved our commitment and seriousness in our business. This is the main difference between LMTC (newLMTC) and our competitors. We offer you investment plans with a nice and stable return in a short period of time. We can offer you these because we invest your money in local market with different returns and risks. It is not just Forex, but stocks, bonds and betting.
During our last online presence we've encountered a lot of problems and each time we had to have a setback and came back again. But at last we had to close down and promised to come back. We're a group of experienced business and fund managers. Local Market Trading Center is registered in California, United States since 2006 and Manchester, United Kingdom and has been a great success for its members and clients ever since. We have been able to continue our great performance and prevent our clients from suffering the 2008 crisis and since then even more people have joined our community.
As it is all other REAL financial service providers, we are here to help you increase your capital and have peace of mind when spending your money. On the other hand, we are here to provide you with the best service possible. Our 24/7 support center is here to make sure this would be achieved.