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      InfiniteEcom Hong Kong


      Beginning of 2012 GLOBAL PRELAUNCH a unique and never seen before an unparalleled international business module have ever yet to be launch

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      Secure your Top position now. All Global Leaders and networker have come together to join this mega PRELAUNCH

      Who are we? INFINITE profileЕЕ..
      Х Hong Kong based Limited company
      Х Innovative and solid infrastructure company
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      Х Aggressive and Fast moving company

      MNC Status CompanyТs promoting the Millennium Technology billion dollar business that is the Ecommerce Online e-Store . InfiniteEcom give you an opportunity to have your own e-store with your own domain name, example www.yourname.com

      We train entrepreneur how to make profit online and how to market their products online easily. Current ecommerce market spending value at USD800 billion not to be ignore and how to be profiting from itЕЕЕ.

      Infinite e-Store smart solution offer a complete solution
      Х Unlimited product displays
      Х 100 Design theme templates
      Х User friendly and convenient
      Х Reliable payment gateway
      Х Intelligent delivery & tracking system
      Х Search Engine Optimisation
      Х Content Management System
      Х Social Marketing

      e-Store enable you to offer your products and services via onlineЕ. Supported by strong payment gateway Paypal, 2Checkout, Liberty Reserve and iPay88.

      No coding required and no knowledge of programmer needed. Is so simple you can upload the product whenever you like at your convenientЕ free tutorial and free guide how to useЕ.Е. surprisingly is fast and instantly ready in 10 minutes.

      Online eStore is the key to future shoppingЕ.. Why?
      Х Global Market Present
      Х Improve Credibility
      Х Offer Convenient
      Х Promote your Service
      Х Growth Opportunity
      Х Save Costs
      Х Feedback from Customers
      Х Improve Customer Service
      Х Save Time Promoting
      Х Online Brochure
      Х 24/7

      According to FORBES report, Online Shopping is about to explode. Retailers of all types are expanding online shopping be it via mobile device, tablet computer, in-store kiosk or computers. This industry is about to reach Trillion dollars and yet is still expandingЕ.. Take advantage of this industry now

      Now you can create your own e-StoreЕЕ no more posting your product at ebay, Amazon, mudah.com, lelong.com that were never get noticed and with high fees.. We gives you more control and better positioning in selling your product onlineЕ..

      Yes, you are right!!! Having your own e-Store that is so excited and without costing you a УboomФ

      We even offer e-Store Franchising convenience for those that would like to start their online business immediately. You can earn a retail profit from 2% up to 50% margin. Currently we are offering a branded Sturhling watches form swiss and luxury fine diamond jewellery collection.

      This is truly an Online Business that allowed you to make money via online.

      Our Affiliate program is one of the highest payout commissions, real time, 24/7 and backed by Money back guaranteed assurance.

      We offer 3 types of packages,

      1. Starter USD50
      2. Business USD1,000
      3. Professional USD1,500

      Affiliate Program is the ultimate way to earn multiple online stream income. We offerЕ..
      1. Pay-per-click
      2. Referral rewards
      3. Cycle rewards (Allowed to earn USD60,000 per month)
      4. Match Rewards

      Additional on-going Pre Launch promotion that offers Cash Rewards and FREE iPad2

      У If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of businessФ
      Says Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

      Share your Prelaunch news with entrepreneur, business people, family and friendsЕЕЕЕЕЕ.. If you donТt someone else willЕЕ.. You will have the potential to earn commission from everyone that joins after youЕ.

      More info please visit the following site,
      Company Website: www.InfiniteEcom.com
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Infini...82121238511130
      Email us at: enquire@infiniteecom.com

      Act now before is too lateЕЕЕ Global Pre Launch

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      Visit us now at www.InfiniteEcom.com

      Top reserving position waiting for your.

      Online Selling Made Easy
      MegaGoldForum.com " Strengthen Your Finance With Online Network "

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